is a magazine-style blog about life in Venezuela. It’s an attractive website built on an obviously good domain name, and I’m offering it for sale for only $2,500.

The site utilizes WordPress for easy updating, and is upgraded to the latest release. I’ve written original articles for the website over the last several months, and I’ve done a good job of optimizing the articles for the search engines. And of course, “Venezuela Report” is an extremely common keyword combination, with governments, NGOs and corporate intelligence organizations all over the world constantly writing reports on Venezuela. As a result, the site is generating steady traffic on the order of between 20 and 100 visitors per day, without the need for paid advertising. The website has already attracted a small following and a fair number of inbound links. It’s a very good buy at this price, and an excellent long-term investment.

If you are interested, please contact me through this website’s Contact Form. Thank you.

Update 8-26-2011:  VenezuelaReport is ranking quite well on Google for a variety of relevant search terms. For example, do a Google search for “life in Venezuela” and see what comes up. Consequently traffic to VenezuelaReport has increased to more than 250 visitors per day, so my price is going up as well, to $4,500. I’m also going to be experimenting with ad placements to increase CTR, using some techniques that I’ve recently been experimenting with. I think the website will be turning a nice profit soon. The sale price on this one is only going to go up, so if you are interested then act now.

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