sedo's premium dot mobi domain name auction

Sedo is in the middle of another premium dot Mobi domain auction, running through November 7th. Some of the names on auction are fetching impressive bids: the bidding for stands at $28,536, and is at $19,500.

Are those two a little too rich for your blood? How about two of my domains instead? They are one-word premium domains, but because I submitted them at the last minute they’re tacked on at the end and the bid is still low, with no reserve. Take advantage of my mistake and get a good price on these nice domain names.

The domains are:

What’s so great about these two domains? Let’s look at the stats and possible uses for the domain names:

1. – The word installer has an OVT score of 2,507 (that means 2,507 people searched that word on Yahoo in only one month), and a search on Google yields 55,600,000 results! Clearly this is a term that interests many people.

  • Possible Uses:
    • A software installation management tool for mobile devices. A program that monitors your installations and allows clean uninstallations. This is a no-brainer.
    • A website for a company that installs real-world products – for example, auto stereos, alarm systems, cable tv, or satellite dishes.

2. – The word updater has an OVT score of 164 – not as many as installer but still a decent number – and 6,370,000 Google results.

  • Possible Uses:
    • A website provided by a manufacturer of mobile devices for users of their mobiles to update their operating system or other programs. Another no-brainer.
    • A third-party software manufacturer could use this domain for the same purpose. Suppose, for example, you’re a software company that creates programs for the Palm OS. Anyone with a Palm device could visit to update all of their programs. Very easy to remember, since it’s so obvious.
    • A plugin that will automatically detect, download and install updates to your mobile.

As you can see, both of these domain names have a number of obvious uses. If the mobi extension really takes off, these two domains could appreciate rapidly.

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