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MaidSolutions.com at sedo auction, low reserve

MaidSolutions.com, an excellent two-word generic in a saturated business market, is at auction right now at Sedo with only a $300 reserve. There’s only one day left in the auction.

To bid go to MaidSolutions.com and click on the link at lower left that says BUY THIS DOMAIN.

Or click here to go directly to the auction page.

The above postcard was designed for businesses who might buy the domain name and you are free to use it to market the domain name if you buy MaidSolutions.com (the postcard is slightly larger than you see here but I have re-sized it to fit the page. In the full-sized image the text is sharp and clear).

The reasons for a domainer to buy this domain would be slightly different from the ones above:

  1. The domain gets traffic and earns revenue.
  2. Great re-sale market. If you look at any phone directory you’ll see many maid services in the yellow pages.
  3. There are several large, national maid service chains who would be obvious buyers.
  4. You could build a directory of maid services and charge for listings.
  5. Build an e-commerce site selling automated solutions like the Roomba.
  6. Bargain price for a two-word generic dot com.

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