Buying opportunity in four letter domain names

Dominik Mueller of Domain Name Consulting believes that four letter domains represent a profitable opportunity for newcomers to the domain name game. Dominik is the founder and CEO of domain brokerage firms DNBroker and High-End Web Names, which he ran before merging them into his Domain Name Consulting service.

In this recent post, he states his belief that VCVC.COM (vowel consonant vowel consonant) and CVCV.COM domains will continue to rise rapidly in price.

I agree. While the two letter and three letter dot com market is pretty much locked up, good four letter dot coms can still be had for under $10,000. These are not dictionary words (four letter dictionary words would be much costlier), but because they are easy to pronounce they are potentially brandable. They may also receive significant type-in traffic. Dominik gave several examples, such as RIPA.COM, which recently sold for $6,000.

It’s encouraging to know that opportunities continue to exist for beginning domainers.

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  1. The Old Vic | October 14th, 2007 at 12:38 am

    Do they have to be dotcoms ? Do you think extensions like .in have a future ?

  2. W.H.A. | October 14th, 2007 at 3:47 am

    Yes, country codes for major countries are a good buy, and the .in market is on fire. In particular I’d say .cn, .in, .ru, .de and .uk all represent good investments.

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