results of the sedo dot mobi auction

In my previous post I mentioned Sedo’s ongoing premium dot Mobi auction and suggested two of my own domain names, and, that were included in the auction. I’m not quite satisfied with the results of the auction, but I can live with it. went for $100, and for $320. Personally I thought should have brought more as it has many possible uses and the keywords around it are quite pricey.

But it’s entirely my fault as I did not get serious about promoting it until the last two days of the auction. In fact I only emailed one or two businesses who might have been interested. And the worst part is that I know better. I know that it’s best to list potential buyers before the auction even starts, then contact them in earnest once it gets underway. I was just busy with other things. The offline world intrudes.

I have 25 other good dot Mobis – some quite good, I think – and I’ll take the auction much more seriously next time. Overall it’s encouraging to see that the dot Mobi market is heating up. Perhaps my, or will be worth some big bucks after all.

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  1. John Cronin | November 12th, 2007 at 4:42 pm


    emailing potential domain name buyers… is that something you do regularly? Do you find this successful?

    I’ve a few construction industry related domains and wonder if I’d have success in selling them via the email route.



  2. W.H.A. | November 12th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

    Hi John. Yes, I have had some success with it. I choose domains that are just right for certain industries and I email many companies in that industry. I do pre-write the email but I alter it slightly for each company to make it clear that I have looked at their website and I know something about them. That way it doesn’t come across as spam.

  3. Domain Parking Money | November 19th, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    Hey Domainer Pro,

    Yes I noticed the big mobi auction a few weeks ago, I also saw that a name I was interested for development was at auction. However I am a bit tapped out as I purchased up lots of names over the summer and am now working on developing some of those names.

    When it comes to the .mobi names I am wondering how many .mobie owners will use the mobile functionality of the name. Or will buyers pick these up strictly for the name or word?



    Reply from DomainerPro:

    Who knows? Many major corporations have already developed .mobi versions of their websites, but will it catch on with the larger public and become really big? No one knows. It’s speculative at this point.

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