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I bought this blog’s domain name – – from a fellow member of The domain was hosted by, and I also have an enom account, so the seller pushed the domain name to me. I had instant ownership, with no hassle, and no 60 day wait had I intended to resell it. This is much easier than a transfer. So what exactly is the difference between a transfer and a push?

Transferring a domain name refers to changing registrars. This would include:

  1. Transferring a domain from your account with one registrar – for example GoDaddy – to your account with another registrar – for example Moniker.
  2. Transferring a domain from your ownership with one registrar to someone else’s ownership with a different registrar.

A domain name can only be transferred once every 60 days. And the domain transfer process can be rather cumbersome, depending on the registrars involved.

Pushing a domain name refers to moving the domain within the same registrar from one account to another. Pushing a domain allows the buyer to take full control of the domain immediately. The buyer can administer, transfer, and manage the domain. There is no waiting period if the buyer wants to transfer the domain name to someone else.

When I was a newbie I once bought a domain name at auction for $80 and the very next day I received an offer of $1,000 for it. We settled on $1,300. The buyer initiated a transfer request, only to be informed that the domain name could not be transferred for another 60 days. At the time I was not even aware of this rule. The buyer and I both had GoDaddy accounts and if I had been more experienced I would have known to simply push the domain to his account.

In the end, we waited the 60 days then concluded the transaction. If you ever find yourself in this situation, remember the difference between a transfer and a push!

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