What’s the Difference Between a Domain Name Transfer and a Push?

Advice for Beginners, Domaining Definitions, Transferring Domains August 14th, 2007

The kind of beach that domainers dream of living on

I bought this blog’s domain name – DomainerPro.com – from a fellow member of NamePros.com. The domain was hosted by enom.com, and I also have an enom account, so the seller pushed the domain name to me. I had instant ownership, with no hassle, and no 60 day wait had I intended to resell it. This is much easier than a transfer. So what exactly is the difference between a transfer and a push?

Transferring a domain name refers to changing registrars. This would include:

  1. Transferring a domain from your account with one registrar – for example GoDaddy – to your account with another registrar – for example Moniker.
  2. Transferring a domain from your ownership with one registrar to someone else’s ownership with a different registrar.

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