Evidence of “Dot Com” as Its Own Brand

Generic vs. Brandable, Personal October 12th, 2007 Sign

What? Does have a real-world storefront where you can buy party supplies?

Actually, no. This is a small store in a strip mall on a busy street in Panama City, Panama. They do not own the domain name, they just use it as the name of their store.

Here are a few more photos:

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Been Looking at Hulu? Enough Made-Up Names!

Domain Industry News, Generic vs. Brandable August 30th, 2007

The made-up, brandable domain name trend continues

The made-up company name trend continues… In March 2007, News Corp. and NBC Universal announced that the two giants were teaming up to bring prime-time TV programming to the web. They had no name yet for the web service they would create, and they did not specifically state what shows it would feature, or when it might make its debut. Just that it would be exciting.

Five months later, the companies just revealed that the new website’s name is They are now accepting requests for an invitation-only test, to begin in October.

Enough media affairs. Let’s talk domain names.

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