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Domain Auctions, Domains for Sale September 2nd, 2010 at auction

UPDATE: (Auction is over, domain name is sold).

The domain name is up for auction at Sedo. See the auction page here: auction page gets good traffic and is profitable. It’s a quality domain name, one of my best.

This domain is perfect for a MMRPG website (online role playing games), a brand name, live rap battles, song and dance contests, guitar battles, robot wars, and so much more. It’s a fantastic brand name for sports gear or actions toys.

The auction ends in four days, so place your bid now. Happy bidding and good luck. is up for auction! (UPDATE: Sold for $180)

Domain Auctions, Domains for Sale May 12th, 2010

Premium four letter domain name for sale

The domain name is up for auction with the low starting price of $150.

UPDATE: The Domain has been sold for $180. Someone got a real deal! Check back for other auctions.

Click here to bid: is a premium 4-letter domain name ( with a dot com extension. A Google search for BAAE produces 392,000 results. The acronym BAAE stands for many things, including:

  • British Army Antarctic Expedition
  • British Airways Avionic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • Basic and Applied Ecology
  • Bay Area Automotive Enthusiasts
  • Bay Area Adventures & Events
  • Bachelor of Art in Art Education
  • Brighton Adult Alternative Education

and many more. So as you can see BAAE is a natural letter combination that is easy to remember, easy to create an organization name, and many possible buyers. The domain name receives steady type-in traffic (50 to 70 uniques per month) and is highly marketable. The geographical breakdown is about 47.3% traffic from North America and 47.5% from Europe, so these are people with money in their pockets, easy to market to.

Clicks on Sedo pay quite well. I got a $9.76 payout on a single click once! That’s one of the highest payouts I have ever received on a single Sedo click.

Portfolio of 42 premium generic .in domain names for sale

Domains for Sale December 3rd, 2009

Premium .in domain names for sale

I have 42 .in domain names that I am offering sale as a portfolio. These are premium generic domains. All of them were just recently renewed for another year. All serious offers will be considered. Please make an offer if you are interested.

The domains are: (namaz means “prayer” in Urdu, which is the dominant language among India’s almost 200 million Muslims) (another word for prayer) (hadith are the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad) for sale

Domains for Sale, Selling Domains August 10th, 2009
 is a magazine-style blog about life in Venezuela. It’s an attractive website built on an obviously good domain name, and I’m offering it for sale for only $2,500.

The site utilizes WordPress for easy updating, and is upgraded to the latest release. I’ve written original articles for the website over the last several months, and I’ve done a good job of optimizing the articles for the search engines. And of course, “Venezuela Report” is an extremely common keyword combination, with governments, NGOs and corporate intelligence organizations all over the world constantly writing reports on Venezuela. As a result, the site is generating steady traffic on the order of between 20 and 100 visitors per day, without the need for paid advertising. The website has already attracted a small following and a fair number of inbound links. It’s a very good buy at this price, and an excellent long-term investment.

If you are interested, please contact me through this website’s Contact Form. Thank you.

Update 8-26-2011:  VenezuelaReport is ranking quite well on Google for a variety of relevant search terms. For example, do a Google search for “life in Venezuela” and see what comes up. Consequently traffic to VenezuelaReport has increased to more than 250 visitors per day, so my price is going up as well, to $4,500. I’m also going to be experimenting with ad placements to increase CTR, using some techniques that I’ve recently been experimenting with. I think the website will be turning a nice profit soon. The sale price on this one is only going to go up, so if you are interested then act now.

Past and Future Projects

Developing Domains, Domains for Sale, Monetizing Domains May 26th, 2009

Project in development by

I’ve been working on building a membership base for my Hapkido website, Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is a mix of hard and soft, with joint locks and circular movements, but also hard strikes. It’s got high Google rankings for “Hapkido network” and “Hapkido forum”, but so far I’ve had trouble building a membership base. 220 is not bad, but my goal is 1,000 by the end of the year. Ads on forums have notoriously low CTRs, so it will take a combination of high traffic and diverse revenue streams to make a significant profit. is an online magazine/blog about life in Venezuela. I’m working on adding a discussion forum to it. The site is already ranked in the first page of Google results for the keywords “Venezuela report” and “life in Venezuela.” The domain and website are available for sale, so if you are interested, contact me.

My house in Panama is for sale, so I made use of a nice domain I had sitting around – – to build a website to showcase the house. That’s one good thing about buying reams of domain names in areas that interest you: whenever you need a good domain name for a project, there it is.

I happen to own – Greenport is a “historic village” and summer getaway on Long Island, New York. Rather than waste such a promising domain name on parking, I thought I would develop it into a resource and guide for the town of Greenport. I’ll be doing that soon.

I also plan to build a website about developing solar energy technologies. That field is already big and will only get bigger. I own several relevant domains and it’s just a matter of choosing one, doing the work, and doing the research.

More and more, however, I’m realizing that it would be more profitable to build an online application. Blogs are fun and inexpensive to build, but the real traffic magnets are useful interactive applications that allow people to do something. I know this is rather an obvious point, but I think many domainers miss it. I have some ideas in this area but it’s too soon to share them. I’ll keep you posted. Up for Auction! (SOLD)

Domains for Sale November 13th, 2008 up for auction is up for auction at Sedo right now. Punta Pacifica (“Pacific Point” in Spanish) is the newest and most expensive neighborhood in Panama City, Panama, which itelf is a bustling and fast growing metropolis with a mixture of skyscrapers and charming old architecture, perched on the famous Panama Canal.

Click here for the Sedo auction:

The domain name has already received a bid of $1,000 but is worth much more. At this moment several skyscrapers are going up in the oceanfront neighborhood of Punta Pacifica with condo prices as high as a million dollars; many more buildings are in the planning stages. This is quite simply the most exciting, exclusive growing neighborhood in all of Latin America.

This domain name would be excellent for a developer or real estate agent. For domainers or speculators, consider parking the domain (it gets traffic and earns steady parking revenue) or working out a commission arrangement with a developer or real estate agent. The commission from a single condo sale could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a superb geo domain at a rock bottom price. The auction is running so place your bid now!

Five Strong Domains at Low Prices

Domains for Sale October 6th, 2008

Five good domain names for sale

I’m offering five strong domain names for sale at low prices. The domains are:

  1. – $400. Great price for a one-word dot com! Bilateralism is anything that affects two parties of or groups. It’s most often used to describe political relations or treaties between two countries. This would be an excellent domain name for a political blog, or websites focusing on such subjects as American-Russian relations, or the relationship between the West and Islam.
  2. – $300. This domain speaks for itself. Easy to remember, and to the point.
  3. -$200. Good domain for a website providing insurance quotes, for example.
  4. – $200. Great for any banking-related subject.
  5. – $250. Short and sweet. Excellent domain for a website about making money.

Please email your offer to You could also make an offer through the Sedo page for each domain name, but be aware that I will probably send it to auction. You may end up being the high bidder, or may not.

Premium Domain Name On Sale:

Domain Auctions, Domains for Sale April 21st, 2008

premium four letter domain name for sale gets good traffic (50 to 70 uniques per month); geographical breakdown so far is 47.3% traffic from North America and 47.5% from Europe.

It got a $9.76 click on Sedo the other day. I think that’s the highest payout I’ve ever gotten on a single click. Update 5-8-2008: A $3.23 click yesterday. Not sure what it is about this domain that is paying off so well.

A Google search of “baae” brings 300,000 results, and itself is number seven on the list. Wow! Search results include:

  • British Army Antarctic Expedition
  • Basic and Applied Ecology
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • British Airways Avionic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Art in Art Education
  • Bay Area Automotive Enthusiasts
  • Brighton Adult Alternative Education

And the list goes on. That means guaranteed type-in traffic. Develop this domain name, forward the traffic to an established site, or flip it for a quick profit.

Buy it now only $1,900

Update: Reduced to $1,750 for quick sale!

Update 4-25-2008: Reduced to $1,500. Come on now, this is as low as it goes. Great deal for someone.

For comparison see these recent sales, all reported at $25,000 $5,600 $5,000 $4,302 $3,500 $3,200 $2,700 $2,610 $2,500 $2,050 $2,000

As you can see, is being offered at a discount.
Make your offer through my Contact Form.

Thank you and good luck!

Update 5-8-2008: BAAE is still available. It’s making fairly good money at Sedo. Nothing less than $1,500 will be considered. If I don’t get an offer I’ll hold on to it for now. $1,500 will look like a bargain next year. at Sedo Auction (SOLD)

Domains for Sale February 23rd, 2008

***** SOLD ***** at sedo auction, low reserve, an excellent two-word generic in a saturated business market, is at auction right now at Sedo with only a $300 reserve. There’s only one day left in the auction.

To bid go to and click on the link at lower left that says BUY THIS DOMAIN.

Or click here to go directly to the auction page.

The above postcard was designed for businesses who might buy the domain name and you are free to use it to market the domain name if you buy (the postcard is slightly larger than you see here but I have re-sized it to fit the page. In the full-sized image the text is sharp and clear).

The reasons for a domainer to buy this domain would be slightly different from the ones above:

  1. The domain gets traffic and earns revenue.
  2. Great re-sale market. If you look at any phone directory you’ll see many maid services in the yellow pages.
  3. There are several large, national maid service chains who would be obvious buyers.
  4. You could build a directory of maid services and charge for listings.
  5. Build an e-commerce site selling automated solutions like the Roomba.
  6. Bargain price for a two-word generic dot com. at Sedo Auction

Domains for Sale December 16th, 2007 is up for auction


One of my domain names,, has gone to auction at Sedo. There is no reserve, the bid is still extremely low, and there are only three days left on the auction, so place your bid now. You might get a quality two-word dot com very cheap!

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