Beware this Malware / Phishing Scam Targeting Domainers

Domain Industry News, Shady Domain Practices October 28th, 2015

Beware this domain name phishing scam

By Wael Abdelgawad |

There’s a new and widespread phishing scam going around, and it targets domain name owners. You get an email that appears to be from your registrar. I know for certain that Moniker and domains are being targeted, and most likely others as well.

The domain name will “alert” you that your domain is being suspended for unspecified violations. There is a link to click on to learn precisely what violations you committed. DO NOT click on the link. It will install malware on your computer.

Here is an example of the emails being sent:


Date: October 26, 2015 at 6:56:28 PM CDT
Subject: Domain [redacted] Suspension Notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

The following domain names have been suspended for violation of the 007NAMES INC.
Abuse Policy:

Domain Name: [redacted]
Registrar: 007NAMES INC.
Registrant Name: Your Name

Multiple warnings were sent by 007NAMES INC. Spam and Abuse Department to give you
an opportunity to address the complaints we have received.

We did not receive a reply from you to these email warnings so we then attempted to
contact you via telephone.

We had no choice but to suspend your domain name when you did not respond to our
attempts to contact you.

Happy New Year

Developing Domains, Domain Auctions, Domain Industry News January 3rd, 2009

Happy new year domainers!

Happy new year and may this year bring you continued health, increased wealth and blessings in all areas of your lives.

I read recently on that domain name auctions will be returning soon. I will definitely have to submit some of my better domain names for inclusion.

The auction of went reasonably well, with the domain selling for $4,000.

I own a few good geo names with .org and .net extensions, and I’ve been thinking of developing these.

My social network for martial artists,, is progressing nicely. Thank you to those who helped me choose the best domain name for that site.

My new year’s advice to my readers:┬ákeep your head up, breathe deep, and discover the sources of your own strength.

Does Domain Name Parking Provide a Useful Service?

Domain Industry News, Domaining Definitions October 18th, 2007

does domain parking provide a service?

Does domain parking provide a useful service? Or is it utterly valueless to the public? Many bloggers and tech writers are vehemently critical of domaining in its essence, calling it cybersquatting, typosquatting, or domain hoarding. They overlook the fact that domain parking provides at least one very basic service.

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Insurance for Domain Names? A Concept is Born

Domain Industry News September 7th, 2007

Insurance for domain names

Jay Westerdal has been a consistent innovator in the domain name industry, and now he’s come up with another good idea: insurance for domain names. You might think this sounds bizarre – insurance for something that costs $6.95 a year? Consider two factors, however, and it begins to make sense:

1. The skyrocketing value of premium generic domain names in recent years.
2. The development of a new criminal industry to steal or hijack those domains.

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Been Looking at Hulu? Enough Made-Up Names!

Domain Industry News, Generic vs. Brandable August 30th, 2007

The made-up, brandable domain name trend continues

The made-up company name trend continues… In March 2007, News Corp. and NBC Universal announced that the two giants were teaming up to bring prime-time TV programming to the web. They had no name yet for the web service they would create, and they did not specifically state what shows it would feature, or when it might make its debut. Just that it would be exciting.

Five months later, the companies just revealed that the new website’s name is They are now accepting requests for an invitation-only test, to begin in October.

Enough media affairs. Let’s talk domain names.

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40 Must-Read Blogs for Domainers

Advice for Beginners, Blogging, Domain Industry News, Domain Tools August 25th, 2007

Keep on domaining - maybe you'll end up on this tropical beach
Here’s my list of not-to-be-missed blogs about domaining, by top domainers (I included mine on the list – forgive the presumption). In alphabetical order:

  1. CircleID.com
    More of a social media site than a true blog, is a community hub for the internet’s infrastructure & policies.
  2. The Conceptualist –
    Sahar Sarid’s is co-founder of Recall Media Group and self-made domain entrepreneur. I check this one every day.
  3. David Carter’s Blog
    David is a domainer and internet marketer from Birmingham, U.K.
  4. –
    I’m not sure what’s going on with the Daily Domainer. This blog was inactive from June to October, then there was a small flurry of posts, and now it is dormant once again. In any case there’s plenty of good archived material.
  5. DirectNavigation.com
    A recent addition to this list, is written by an experienced domainer. Frequent updates consist of short domain industry news briefs.
  6. DNBizBlog.com
    DNBizBlog just debuted in November 2007, but is a truly welcome addition with excellent advice and personal experiences of a long-time domainer. This is what we need more of.
  7. DomainBits.com
    Jeff Behrendt’s blog debuted in November 2007 and has already garnered a lot of attention for its well-researched posts.
  8. Domain Name News
    Run by two domainers, this blog supplies domain industry news, particularly coverage of domain conferences.
  9. DomainPulse.com
    Domain pulse provides a steady stream of domain name industry news.
  10. DomainerPro.com
    W. H. Abdelgawad’s new domaining blog is a welcome addition. Good information for beginning domainers, and general domaining strategies.
  11. The Domainer’s Gazette
    Billed as ” Domainers Covering the Domaining Industry”, this is Peter Askew’s domaining blog. Peter started this blog in March 2007 and has posted much useful information.
  12. DomainTools Blog
    Jay Westerdal’s blog is updated frequently and provides heavy coverage of domain name conferences and auctions. Jay is a frequent poster on as well.
  13. Domain Name Wire
    News source for the domain name industry written by industry experts and edited by Andrew Allemann.
  14. Dominik Mueller Domain Name Consulting
    Dominik, who has been in the domain business since 2003, specializes in the sale and acquisition of premium domain names.
  15. DotSauce Domain News Magazine
    DotSauce was founded in April 2007 by Mark Fulton who says, “we understand that you want more than drab news and controversy concerning ICANN, so we will often times include articles, reviews and news on innovative applications and resources you may find useful.”
  16. Elliot’s Blog –
    Elliot Silver is the owner of Top Notch Domains LLC, which owns a strong portfolio of generic domain names. His blog is definitely a must-read, not least for his superb “5 With” series of interviews of major domaining personalities.
  17. Inside Domaining
    Steve Granville-Smith’s blog: “This is Your Time, You Were Born to Be A Domainer!”
  18. The Key –
    Paul Sloan’s blog is a member of Business 2.0’s Blog Network, and is very industry oriented.
  19. Name Brief –
    Bret Fausett is not a prolific poster, but his writing is interesting and relevant.
  20. RickLatona.com
    Rick Latona is a top domainer who has recently debuted a blog and a daily newsletter in which he offers premium domains for sale at low prices.
  21. The Rick Shwartz Domain and Traffic Blog
    Rick Schwartz, the “Domain King,” says that he is “famous for ruffling feathers.” In any case, he is one of the leaders of the domain name industry and his blog is indispensable reading for any serious domainer.
  22. Seven Mile: the Official Frank Schilling Blog
    Frank Schilling is one of the dukes of the domain name industry. Any domainer can learn a lot from him.
  23. Tropical SEO –
    Crude language but insightful posts on search engine optimization (obviously), domaining and “competitive webmastering.”
  24. Whizzbangsblog.com
    Michael Gilmour’s domaining blog.
  25. Other Important Blogs

    These blogs are not focused specifically on domain names, though some of them do address the topic from time to time. But they are very useful for anyone interested in website monetization and profitable web publishing:

  26. Aaron Wall’s SEO Book.com
    An important blog about online marketing and search engine optimization.
  27. CopyBlogger.com
    Copywriting tips for online marketing success.
  28. DNXpert.com
    Domain name industry news. Blogger John Motson also regularly shares lists of good expired or available domain names with his readers and subscribers.
  29. doshdosh
    Subtitled “helping you make money online”, is an incredibly useful blog. Updated daily, there is a wealth of information here about blogging, website monetization and promotion strategies, and online entrepreneurship in general.
  30. Tony Hill’s Ad Publishing Blog
    Great guidance on effective web publishing.
  31. Extras:

    These are not necessarily must-read blogs, but they make for interesting reading nonetheless:

  32. Ambler on the Net –
    Christopher Ambler’s industry blog, covering Internet industry news, ICANN, the Domain Name System, Domainers, domain monetization, and other items of interest.
  33. The Amateur Domainer
    He portrays himself as a total bumbler, just trying to make a few cents. But for a beginner he’s doing a lot of things right. I ended up reading almost every post he’s written.
  34. BorgHunter’s Blog –
    Though only a high school student, Mitchell Bundy’ – the “Borg Hunter” -has notably developed a domain name portfolio plugin for WordPress.
  35. Buying, Valuating and Trading Domains
    A new blog introduced in March 2008 by a fellow who collects and domains as a hobby.
    An excellent blog that focuses on .uk domains.
  37. DNVW: Domain Name Values Weekly
    This blog recently changed hands and David, the new owner, has given it a fresh breath of life. With its new design and updated content, this is one to watch.
  38. Income.com
    John Reese’s blog contains a lot of useful information about marketing, traffic generation and SEO.
  39. Quad Letter Domains
    Market trends, news and personal experience of four letter domains for enthusiasts and investors.
  40. Personal Development for Smart People
    Steve Pavlina’s blog contains enough material on personal development to fill several books. He also writes about blogging and making money online.Inactive Blogs:
  41. DomainEditorial.com
    This blog has not been active since July 2007 but has some good archived material.
  42. Domain Rookie –
    Subtitled, “Stumbling through the domain investment world one day at a time”, this is another blog that had some promise but petered out in July 2007.