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I’m offering for sale a remarkable and very rare package of the identical domain name in eight different extensions! This keyword is short, easy to remember, and highly brandable. And it deals with a red-hot subject: cell phones.

The domains are:


“Fones” is widely used as a shorthand for phones.

If you’re an experienced domainer or internet marketer you understand the value of owning so many extensions of the same keyword. If not, let me explain:

  1. No one can piggyback on your success by starting a website with the same keyword in a different extension. No legal hassles over this issue either.
  2. You never have to worry about your customers forgetting if your website is a dot com, dot net, dot org, etc.
  3. Helps to protect your trademark.
  4. The .us (United States) (UK) and .de (Germany) extensions offer you the ability to create localized marketing campaigns in those countries based on your brand.

If you’re a cell phone maker, distributor, seller, or even just looking to set up an affiliate site, this is a perfect domain name for you! Domain resellers and brokers are also welcome.

Please send your offer through this website’s contact form. Thank you.

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