Premium four letter domain name for sale

The domain name is up for auction with the low starting price of $150.

UPDATE: The Domain has been sold for $180. Someone got a real deal! Check back for other auctions.

Click here to bid: is a premium 4-letter domain name ( with a dot com extension. A Google search for BAAE produces 392,000 results. The acronym BAAE stands for many things, including:

  • British Army Antarctic Expedition
  • British Airways Avionic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • Basic and Applied Ecology
  • Bay Area Automotive Enthusiasts
  • Bay Area Adventures & Events
  • Bachelor of Art in Art Education
  • Brighton Adult Alternative Education

and many more. So as you can see BAAE is a natural letter combination that is easy to remember, easy to create an organization name, and many possible buyers. The domain name receives steady type-in traffic (50 to 70 uniques per month) and is highly marketable. The geographical breakdown is about 47.3% traffic from North America and 47.5% from Europe, so these are people with money in their pockets, easy to market to.

Clicks on Sedo pay quite well. I got a $9.76 payout on a single click once! That’s one of the highest payouts I have ever received on a single Sedo click.

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