Two-word dot coms are worth keeping

Advice for Beginners, Selling Domains August 17th, 2012

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I recently sold through Sedo. The initial offer was $500, but after some bargaining we settled on $1,325. Unfortunately the offer came from one of Sedo’s partners, so Sedo took a 20% cut – ouch! – and I ended up getting a check for $1,000.

Still, not a bad profit for a domain that I bought at auction for $60 and held for three or four years.

In my opinion, dot com domains that consist of two dictionary words are always worth holding, as long as the name even remotely makes sense.

Use a registrar that doesn’t charge too much, like GoDaddy or Moniker. Park the domain name with one of the more visible parking services. Eventually you’ll get an offer, even if you have to hold the domain for a while.