PuntaPacifica.com Up for Auction! (SOLD)

Domains for Sale November 13th, 2008

PuntaPacifica.com up for auction

PuntaPacifica.com is up for auction at Sedo right now. Punta Pacifica (“Pacific Point” in Spanish) is the newest and most expensive neighborhood in Panama City, Panama, which itelf is a bustling and fast growing metropolis with a mixture of skyscrapers and charming old architecture, perched on the famous Panama Canal.

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The domain name has already received a bid of $1,000 but is worth much more. At this moment several skyscrapers are going up in the oceanfront neighborhood of Punta Pacifica with condo prices as high as a million dollars; many more buildings are in the planning stages. This is quite simply the most exciting, exclusive growing neighborhood in all of Latin America.

This domain name would be excellent for a developer or real estate agent. For domainers or speculators, consider parking the domain (it gets traffic and earns steady parking revenue) or working out a commission arrangement with a developer or real estate agent. The commission from a single condo sale could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

This is a superb geo domain at a rock bottom price. The auction is running so place your bid now!