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Registering Domains May 6th, 2008

dreaming InTheMiddleOfTheNight.com

I had a dream that I wanted to register a domain name for a company that provided round-the-clock network security and emergency response.

I walked into a domain registry company owned by Tom Hanks, the actor. In my dream, Tom was a charismatic, well known figure in the domain name industry, kind of like Bob Parsons. Tom was famous for his incredible energy and customer service, and since I was a well known domainer he attended to me personally.

Tom met me decked out in a sleek, dark suit, with gleaming black shoes and sporting a goatee. He took me into an air conditioned circular chamber with large flat screen monitors on the walls. There was a smell of ozone in the air.

Tom shot a series of rapid fire questions at me, designed to discover the perfect domain name. As I answered the questions a technician in a glass-walled booth typed furiously, and domain names began flashing across the monitors. With each question I answered the number of domains on the screens diminished, until at last only one phrase glowed on the largest screen:


“Dot what?” I asked.

“Dot com!” Tom shouted exultantly.

“I´ll take it,” I said.

“Sold!” Tom crowed, then he turned on his heel and walked away.

I thought to myself, How could midday.com still be available? Sure enough, the technician spoke up:

“Actually, it´s dot org.”

“I´ll take it anyway as an investment,” I said, “but I still need something for my business.”

With the technician´s help I tried a few alternatives, such as midnight.com – I liked this one as it conveys the sense that we, the network emergency response team, are up at all hours, ready to go. But of course it was taken.

Tom wandered back and saw that I had not yet found the right domain name.

“I can´t leave a customer unsatisfied,” he exclaimed. “Tell you what I´m going to do. I will give you – that´s right, give you – TomJHanks.com, my own name!”

“Thanks Tom,” I said, “It´s a nice gesture, but it really doesn´t pertain to network security, does it?”

Tom didn’t like that and left in a huff.

The techie and I tried a few other variations and eventually I settled on InTheMiddleOfTheNight.com.

I was quite happy with it and when I woke up from the dream – yes, real life now – I logged into my Moniker account and registered it. Yes, I know it´s six words and long as a garden hose, but it´s got a certain feel to it. You can almost see the network techs sitting before shining monitors in the dark of the night, hard at work. Problem is, I don´t really have a network security firm as a client.

Ah well, if it doesn´t work out maybe I can sell it to a Hollywood studio for a horror flick.

P.S. TomJHanks.com is available as of this writing. Help yourself. That really is his middle initial.