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Domain Auctions, Domains for Sale April 21st, 2008

premium four letter domain name for sale gets good traffic (50 to 70 uniques per month); geographical breakdown so far is 47.3% traffic from North America and 47.5% from Europe.

It got a $9.76 click on Sedo the other day. I think that’s the highest payout I’ve ever gotten on a single click. Update 5-8-2008: A $3.23 click yesterday. Not sure what it is about this domain that is paying off so well.

A Google search of “baae” brings 300,000 results, and itself is number seven on the list. Wow! Search results include:

  • British Army Antarctic Expedition
  • Basic and Applied Ecology
  • Bachelor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • British Airways Avionic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Art in Art Education
  • Bay Area Automotive Enthusiasts
  • Brighton Adult Alternative Education

And the list goes on. That means guaranteed type-in traffic. Develop this domain name, forward the traffic to an established site, or flip it for a quick profit.

Buy it now only $1,900

Update: Reduced to $1,750 for quick sale!

Update 4-25-2008: Reduced to $1,500. Come on now, this is as low as it goes. Great deal for someone.

For comparison see these recent sales, all reported at $25,000 $5,600 $5,000 $4,302 $3,500 $3,200 $2,700 $2,610 $2,500 $2,050 $2,000

As you can see, is being offered at a discount.
Make your offer through my Contact Form.

Thank you and good luck!

Update 5-8-2008: BAAE is still available. It’s making fairly good money at Sedo. Nothing less than $1,500 will be considered. If I don’t get an offer I’ll hold on to it for now. $1,500 will look like a bargain next year.

Which of These Domains Would You Develop?

Developing Domains, Monetizing Domains April 15th, 2008

choosing a domain name

I’ve decided to build a social networking website focused on the Korean martial art of Hapkido. I have ten good domain names to choose from and I cannot decide. Can you help? I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

Half of my Hapkido-related domain names are parked at Sedo, and the other half at where they display Adsense ads. Here are the stats from the last 12 months, except for which has only been parked 10 months or so.

Stats for Hapkido domain names
March 1st 2007 to March 1st 2008
Domain Uniques Clicks CTR     Earnings 102 5 4.90%     $1.33 89 4 4.49%     $0.34 33 1 3.03%     $0.15 65 1 1.54%     $0.05 67 0 0.00%     $0.00 8 0 0.00%     $0.00
   25 1 4.00%     $0.10 166 8 4.82%     $0.78 148 4 2.70%     $0.96 78 2 2.56%     $0.23 131 24 18.32%     $3.32

I’m going to create a website where Hapkidoists and other Korean martial arts practitioners can discuss, share photos, share videos and make friends. I will most likely use Ning, though I am considering Drupal. Ning is so much less work, but doesn’t offer the same degree of control.

I have narrowed it down to the four in red. Out of those, cries out to be developed into a video sales site, perhaps an Amazon affiliate site. So that leaves the other three:,, and

  1. – nice and short, and will look awfully good up there in a website header. I worry, however, that many people are not familiar with the .info extension and may not remember it.
  2. – gets the most traffic of all my choices, and it’s precise and relevant. Only problem is, well, it’s kind of boring. I feel “board” already, ha ha.
  3. – “dojang” is the Korean word for dojo. This is what the Korean arts call their training place. I think this domain has a nice ring to it, but I’m concerned that it might be too long or that the spelling might be challenging for some.

So, what do you think? Which of these would you choose to develop? Which is the easiest to spell and most memorable?

Are These Domain Names Dogs?

As you can see, none of these domain names are profitable on a purely parking basis. Several have made nothing at all, or very little. On the other hand, they get some traffic, and I never got around to optimizing them. I parked them and forgot about them, until I decided to tackle this social network project. Still, even if I were to optimize the parked pages they would probably do no better than break even.

Does that mean these domains are a waste of money and should be dropped? I don’t think so (ok, I might drop But not the others). Once I choose a domain to use for my social networking website, I will build the site, then forward all the other domains to that destination.

Adding them all up, these domains get almost 1,000 unique visitors per year. Build a website, use some Facebook-style viral marketing tactics to grow the membership, some linkbait, maybe a low-key Adwords campaign, and within a year I could see significant traffic. And that means profit.