at Sedo Auction (SOLD)

Domains for Sale February 23rd, 2008

***** SOLD ***** at sedo auction, low reserve, an excellent two-word generic in a saturated business market, is at auction right now at Sedo with only a $300 reserve. There’s only one day left in the auction.

To bid go to and click on the link at lower left that says BUY THIS DOMAIN.

Or click here to go directly to the auction page.

The above postcard was designed for businesses who might buy the domain name and you are free to use it to market the domain name if you buy (the postcard is slightly larger than you see here but I have re-sized it to fit the page. In the full-sized image the text is sharp and clear).

The reasons for a domainer to buy this domain would be slightly different from the ones above:

  1. The domain gets traffic and earns revenue.
  2. Great re-sale market. If you look at any phone directory you’ll see many maid services in the yellow pages.
  3. There are several large, national maid service chains who would be obvious buyers.
  4. You could build a directory of maid services and charge for listings.
  5. Build an e-commerce site selling automated solutions like the Roomba.
  6. Bargain price for a two-word generic dot com.

Developing Domain Names With Social Networks

Developing Domains, Monetizing Domains February 19th, 2008

developing domain names

I’ve been thinking about developing a few of my domain names into social networks, and I’ve been researching various possible software platforms. I’ve considered such varied solutions as Drupal, Pligg, a combination of WordPress and phpBB, and Ning.

All of these are open source and free except for Ning, which is a hosted application that lets you build your own full-featured social network. It’s free, but Ning runs ads on your network, unless you pay a (fairly low) monthly fee in which case you can do away with the ads or run your own if you like.

By the way, the Ning blog recently wrote a post on the unveiling of I remember July last year when the owner posted the following on the forum:

Hello everyone,I’ve owned several excellent domain names for some time, but have not posted them for feedback in a forum like this! If you have any thoughts on value or other for these domains, please let me know! I look forward to your posts! Have a great day,

The respondents valued these domains anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 each, although one fellow had a unique offer:

I wish I had one of those names. Are you interested in my first born child?

Anyway, I’m glad the owner chose the development route and I’ll be interested to see if he sticks with the Ning platform over the long term.

In the course of my research on social network solutions I came across this fantastic article on TechCrunch, from July of last year:

Part One: Nine Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

Part Two: 34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

Michael takes a superbly detailed look at all the solution providers in the social networking space. I have not yet decided which solution I’ll be using, though I’m fairly sure I’ll go with Ning for those domains that I feel have a good chance of attracting a large user base.

For communities that might be smaller (a few hundred members or less) I will choose a solution with no monthly fees and no cost after initial set up (aside from hosting of course).

Have you developed any of your domain names into social networks? What software did you use? What success have you had?