For Sale: 6 Strong Organic and Green Domain Names

Domain Auctions, Domains for Sale November 27th, 2007

Six excellent organic and green domain names for sale


I’m offering six domain names for sale, all related to green or organic living. The following discounts are available:

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Heroes and Goats # 1

Heroes and Goats November 21st, 2007's Heroes and Goats of the Domaining World

Every now and then I will take note of especially good or bad domain name services by awarding the good ones a “Hero” and the bad ones a “Goat.”

Read on for today’s Heroes and Goats:

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Five Keys to Domaining Success

Advice for Beginners, Buying Domains, Life Issues, Quote of the Day, Selling Domains November 19th, 2007

Five key to succeeding in the domain name business

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

– Thomas Edison

Having a hard time with this domain name business? Or for that matter, with any other challenge you’re facing in life? Have you been working at it for a long time and starting to feel like you’re not going to get there?

Don’t give up, evolve. Learn from your mistakes.

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Pay Attention to This New Domainer Blog

Advice for Beginners, Blogging, Blogroll November 18th, 2007

Pay attention to this new domain name blog

No, not mine… I’m talking about I came across this blog last week, and though it’s still freshly minted with only four posts, I’m very impressed with what I’ve read so far. The author, who goes simply by the handle ASN5, is a programmer and domainer from way back who registered his first domain in 1994.

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Package Deal For Sale: and 7 Other Extensions!

Domains for Sale November 14th, 2007

Premium domain names for sale at

I’m offering for sale a remarkable and very rare package of the identical domain name in eight different extensions! This keyword is short, easy to remember, and highly brandable. And it deals with a red-hot subject: cell phones.

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Could You Really Start Over? Prove It!

Opportunities November 12th, 2007

The start-over domain name challenge

I’ve seen a number of very successful “original” domainers state recently that it’s not too late to get into the business. I’m not disputing that – in fact I agree – but I’d like to see one of them put his money where his mouth is. So I’m issuing the Start Over Challenge!

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Follow Up On the Sedo dot Mobi Auction

Advice for Beginners, Domain Auctions, Selling Domains November 10th, 2007

results of the sedo dot mobi auction

In my previous post I mentioned Sedo’s ongoing premium dot Mobi auction and suggested two of my own domain names, and, that were included in the auction. I’m not quite satisfied with the results of the auction, but I can live with it.

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Sedo’s Premium dot Mobi Auction – How About These Two?

Domaining Mistakes, Uncategorized November 4th, 2007

sedo's premium dot mobi domain name auction

Sedo is in the middle of another premium dot Mobi domain auction, running through November 7th. Some of the names on auction are fetching impressive bids: the bidding for stands at $28,536, and is at $19,500.

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