What’s the Difference Between a Domain Name Transfer and a Push?

Advice for Beginners, Domaining Definitions, Transferring Domains August 14th, 2007

The kind of beach that domainers dream of living on

I bought this blog’s domain name – DomainerPro.com – from a fellow member of NamePros.com. The domain was hosted by enom.com, and I also have an enom account, so the seller pushed the domain name to me. I had instant ownership, with no hassle, and no 60 day wait had I intended to resell it. This is much easier than a transfer. So what exactly is the difference between a transfer and a push?

Transferring a domain name refers to changing registrars. This would include:

  1. Transferring a domain from your account with one registrar – for example GoDaddy – to your account with another registrar – for example Moniker.
  2. Transferring a domain from your ownership with one registrar to someone else’s ownership with a different registrar.

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Finding a Good Domain Name: Where I Found DomainerPro.com

Advice for Beginners, Blogging August 11th, 2007

Doesn't every domain name professional dream of tropical beaches?

When I decided recently that I wanted to start a blog about domaining – the business of buying and selling domain names, or buying domains and monetizing them – I knew that I wanted a relevant, to-the-point web address for the blog. Where do you go to find a good selection of topical domain names at a good price?

I posted a message in the Domains Wanted section at NamePros.com. I’ve had good luck finding quality domains there at a reasonable price. The section is read daily by hundreds of domainers who probably own tens of thousands of domains between them. Prices tend to be reasonable, particularly if they know that you’re another domainer.

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How I Became a Professional “Domainer”

Advice for Beginners August 10th, 2007

This domain name professional dreams of tropical beaches

In late 2005 I was browsing the magazine rack at Farmacia Arrocha, a large pharmacy store in Panama City, Panama. I had moved to Panama from California and bought a nice house in the mountains outside Panama City. I was a freelance web designer but was unsure whether I’d be able to support my family on what I could earn in Panama. I had come to Panama as an advance scout, leaving my wife behind in California to sell our house. One day before I left California, we learned that my wife was pregnant. So I felt a lot of pressure to try something new, something that would provide some financial stability for my growing family.

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